Is Your Brand Important?

If someone came into your home and picked up something of value and then took that item for their own use, how would you feel about that act and that person? Most would call the police and seek to have them arrested. Some may get angry and feel that there was nothing that they could do about the theft. Have you ever wondered why it is OK for some to take something clearly meant for one purpose and then use it for another? Have you pondered the implications of such a choice? In our society, if someone takes the words of another and uses them as a part of their speech or something that they write, this is called plagiarism and it illegal.

Think about this, if you owned a business and paid to have a brand designed and it is displayed and used in all your sales materials then what would happen if someone took your brand to use it as their own? Again this is considered illegal, and the courtrooms in our nation are filled with such cases. One example is a high school principal who was speaking at the commencement address during the graduation, and in his speech, he took the words of an actor almost word for word. Another example is a leading candidate for president who has been caught twice since he announced plagiarising another person’s words.

Now, take, for example, the rainbow.

Genesis 9 13

In Genesis 9:13, the Lord uses the rainbow as his brand proclaiming to the whole world with each new rainbow that he will keep his promises. Can you defend the use and say that it is OK for a group, any group, to take Gods brand and use it to support their choices and agenda. Perhaps, they do not take it as seriously as I do, but I say what belongs to God should not be used for any other purpose. Personally, I believe that it is risky to use the rainbow even for religious purposes if it communicates something different from that of original intent. Take it one step further and use the rainbow in support of a choice that scripture states are the opposite of what God intended,

Romans 1 26-27

Romans 1:26-27, Genesis 19:4-5, I Corinthians 6:18-19.

Recently I was unfriended by an individual who said that they could not be a FB friend with someone who hates as I do. In reading the scriptural references that I listed above if that individual used the same standard for Hate they would say that the God who sent his one and only son is also a hater. Is it possible to claim that God hates a group of people because he calls their choice a sin? I find it impossible to think of the one who shed his blood for you and me and continues to redeem you and me as one who hates a group of people. The very opposite is true; He loves them, loves me, enough to give his life for them, and me. The question is not does God love them but do they love God, the one who sent his son to give his life for them?

If you disagree with someone, do you hate them? Look at your spouse, or significant other and think about it this way do you hate them because they hold a different opinion from you. I certainly do not hate my wife even though we may disagree and I also cannot imagine hating someone because of a difference of opinion. I love this individual, and I told them that I would not stop loving them even though we hold different views. I feel bad if this person hates me because of my opinions, but their love or hate will not change what I hold dear. What is most precious to me is Gods word, the Holy Bible, and when God sets a brand, I would not think of taking that brand for my gain. I respect the brand and the brand giver and will not take that lightly. Also, when I quote scripture, I put quotation marks around the text and include the passage, and it’s location.

I take plagiarism and branding seriously. How about you? In our society, if you do not, you may find yourself in court defending your action. God holds the highest court in the universe, and I would not want to be standing in that court defending my choices, how about you? What is most glorious is that none of us ever need to find ourselves in that courtroom. The apostle Paul proclaimed in Romans 2:4

Romans 2 4

Obviously, from what the apostle Paul said God is rich in kindness and is patient with us because he desires for us to come to repentance. That’s not just my opinion but it is His based upon the God who created the universe and His powerful word the Holy Bible.

Kari Jobe You Are Good

You Are Good, Kari Jobe


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